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On August 27th, 2006, news sprung up about a Resort being developed on a small island off the southern coast of Malaysia. A Malaysian blog published an official image on August 30th, and they titled it "RiverSide".

It would be a tourist hotspot for people visiting Malaysia from western countries, a little slice of home. However, a strand of newly-discovered disease was discovered on the island. Secluded from the modern world, the disease, now labeled "Res-E", was originally found in samples of small mammals and cross mutated to infect the human workforce on the island. This disease mimicked rabies as it caused a rapid inflammation of the brain. Only a handful of people were thought to be infected. Officials soon closed the island to be abandoned until further notice.

2 years later.

In September of 2008, a man by the name of Sal was sent to the island for animal testing to research the disease to determine its potency and means of spreading. A dog accompanied him for such tests, and Sal kept regular correspondence until communications suddenly ceased. Three days passed with no word from Sal and a small crew was dispatched to the island to investigate. Sal's phone was recovered outside one of the island's mansions and the crew reported two text messages sent to himself between 6-7 PM on the day of his disappearance:

"This is not what it seems." and "This island cannot be inhabited."

Sal's body was never recovered, but his dog was spotted scrambling near the shoreline. The crew described its movements as erratic and uncoordinated, and they captured it for further investigation. No new information was reported on the fate of the dog.

3 months later.

Low on funds and severely in debt, you are offered a job from the Malaysian government under the premise of a volunteer. Your tasks are assigned to you, and if completed, you are promised a handsome reward. The challenge has great risks, you're warned, and no help will come no matter the dangers you face.

As you drive across the island, you soon realize all is not as it seems, as explosives rig behind you to trap you on the island and whatever destroyed the RiverSide.

Story line written by: Warm Rain

Thank you!

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FULL GAME, thx for good game:

idk why but i cant download the game..

I enjoyed the atmosphere of the game quite a lot. I had an issue in the first mansion tho where I couldn't find the 6th item for the life of me. Tried dying and restarting it multiple times and every time could only find 5 items. Gonna give it another go tonight and see if I can make more progress! Only other thing I could say is that the barriers in some areas are kinda annoying but I can understand why they exist I guess. Overall I had a great time with it and I'm hoping to complete it tonight


To update on this, I ran through it again and got pretty far, probably pretty close to the end, but after I restored power to the radio tower from the underground tunnel I found myself stuck down there with no visible way to progress. I'm pretty sure it was bugged but I can't be certain. Anyways I had a great time with this overall, wish I could have beaten the game properly tho.


I completed the game, there was a few strange bugs and it lagged in some areas but it was still fun to play.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Im reupdating it, that wasnt suppose to happen, I made the barriers what happened was I was editing them and instead of disabling their mesh render i disabled them, I do it alot, and thats my fault