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RiverSide will be a open-ish world horror game with challenges. There will be 3 Mansion's on the map each with their own difficulty and requirements. 

You need to unlock certain areas to gather certain parts and keys to build a boat to get off this small island near the main-lands. The bridge between the main-land and island failed leaving you stranded there. The ocean is below freezing and the rive running through the small island is a mucky swamp that you will have to sail through once the boat and or raft is built.

(This isn't gonna be a scream in your face game or loud booms and yada yada)

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/OpendixStudios

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/32aztAZ 

twitter: https://twitter.com/OpendixStudios 

Release date: TBD

Length to beat game: Aiming for an hour or so, longer if possible

Price: Free or 1$ (I'm putting money into this game and alot of time, I do work aswell and time and money is limited so we'll see)

Why so cheap or free? Well simply because I want anyone to be-able to play. So Free and everyone can play. 1$ Helps me out a little and still lets pretty much everyone play.

Will quality lack? No. I don't like low quality horror games with nothing to them. I made a couple games to up my skills and those built my skills way up to improve such as: Ray casting, Save systems, UI work, Level design, Story and Graphics. Which thus far (In my opinion) are good.

So thanks for reading and I hope it's something the horror community looks forward to! 


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Hey, there! Not sure if you remember me or not. Played your game as part of a 2 free indie horrors. You referred me here after i played One Night In Hell, and told me this game would be much better, you weren't lying, though a Flashlight or brightness slider would be VERY much appreciated. I talk a bit about the game at the end of the video, though I don't go too into detail, as the demo is very sort and aside from the crippling darkness, i didn't find much wrong with it. Looking forward to the full release! Keep up the moves my man! 


Oh no man it wasnt suppose to be that dark. Okay I'mma need help here lol On my end I can see just fine. maybe my brightness is up to high. well the slider is needed lol. Sorry I gotta add that. that was overkill dark

Haha, it's cool. These things happen. I stress this sort of thing to our own programmer as well. We always have to take into consideration other peoples monitor brightness settings. It's a very common thing though. It also seems that, indie games these days are coming with less and less settings than they used to. Rarely do i ever find an FOV slider or brightness settings. Hell, we get lucky if there's even a main menu or just a menu in general. I have faith in your abilities to turn anything bad around, you've proven you know your way around an engine with this demo, Though it's very short and hard to base a real opinion, I rather enjoyed it for what it was though.

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oh no the real game is gonna be far longer lol but yeah your totally right I got to get a stupid brightness bar in. I have the underground scene light baking because its throwing 6k batches lol which is not good so after thats done I'm going to make that slider because its needed badly. I dont want to over do it with setting just enough that the game can be adjusted to your liking and actually playable. I like watching videos and opinions it helps shape what needs done you know? It's hard as a single developer lol

And can you send me that discord invite link? I'd like to join your discord too

Yeah, I hear ya. 1 person doing it all id rough, I get that, game design is no cakewalk. Sure! here's the link to both my channel discord and our game dev discord

The [WOD]: https://discord.gg/DDvxzQs
Scythe Saga: https://discord.gg/bjwAec

Unfortunately the game crashes 1 to 5 seconds after starting a new game.

I've had another person claim the same thing. Could you send me your PC specs so I can look into it please?

i5-4670K - 3.4GHz Quad
MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X
Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H ATX
G.Skill Ripjaws X - 16GB DDR3
Windows 10 - 64 Bit

Lmao well there's no reason for it messing up. I have G skill and run a 10 series card too. On windows 10 64. That's really odd. I'll do some poking around to see if I find anything

Will try with apps I normally run turned off to see if it ceases the crashes and inform you.